Wish Big!!

This year my husband and I ran away for Christmas. The kids are all out of state visiting various relatives, which provided us the chance for a guilt free holiday at the coast. Along the journey to the ocean, I spotted something that at first seemed quite simple, but upon review went deeper than I thought. In the predawn hours of Christmas Eve morning, I awoke thinking the message that was stuck in my head, “Wish Big.”

I spotted the words written with crooked vinyl letters in a giant picture window of a ramshackle house. Those two words that not only caught my attention, but commandeered my thought processes.

Displayed proudly in a house that had seen better days, decorated haphazardly for the season, they invoked the magic of hope. The house and those who lived within its walls seemed to challenge the status quo while demonstrating that what they already had was, at least on some level; working for them. It was humble. The driveway was half gravel, half weeds. Cars were parked askew, and with no particular order. The paint was weathered in some spots, bare in others, and the lawn (such as it was) was dead. The entire viewable property announced a lack of regular maintenance, and an absence of a Homeowners Association (Bless them!) But in the midst of all the imperfection was unmistakable celebration.

The festooned twinkly lights were uneven and dangling precariously in a couple of spots, as if the lightest breeze could take them all out. The Christmas tree was prominent, and enthusiastically adorned with tinsel. Lots of tinsel. Tinsel that would at any other time, be sufficient to use as reflective markings for the third runway at SeaTac Airport. The visual assault was unmistakable. These folks were ready for Christmas, and they were not afraid. They were prepared to ask for and receive abundance, and in the meantime  stayed steadfastly grounded in the reality of their surroundings. They inspired me. Their words triggered an unexpected mental analysis. For the rest of the day and well into the night I pondered the implication of that brief missive: Wish Big. What was my wish? Should I even be wishing for myself? How big is “Big?” Are we talking monetarily, or otherworldly? I have already been blessed with more than I deserve: a home, a healthy loving family, a job that I love, supportive friends…the list goes on. Sure, this year has had its share of ups and downs, but whose hasn’t? Where do I get off wishing for anything? But if I dared to, how ‘Big’ would I wish…?

World Peace. Hmm besides being cliché, it’s terribly unrealistic. If I could wish for and achieve peace on any level, it would be for my teenagers. Siblings still living together are fighting factions under parental governance. Yet, there is seldom an agreeable treaty, and almost never any honoring of a cease-fire.  I need to get it local before I can go Global. Wishing for it anyway.

A Cure. Whether cancer, AIDS, or (insert another disease or disorder here); I wish that we as humans did not have suffering. That ought to just be a  given. No pain, no agony, no hurt. With the exception of gas and hangovers; because both serve as reminders for us not to overindulge. Wishing for it anyway.

Love. I am very fortunate to have found it with the person whom I share my life, and also with so many friends and family. It is a reassurance to me when I feel sadness or self doubt. No matter what sucky thing may happen, I know…I know…that I am loved. Not everyone experiences this. Wishing for it anyway.

As for anything else…I’ll keep an open mind…right alongside an open spot on my Big Wish List.

As for everyone else I wish you a wealth of Wishing Big!!