SUP with me, SUP with you?

As a child, growing up in California, I never managed to become outdoorsy. Sure, I rode my bike occasionally, and had been known to hop on public transit to visit the beach once in a while…but the concept of athletics and organized outdoor activities eluded me. I was tall, skinny, and uncoordinated. I had the ideal physical ability to sit in the dugout, library, or movie theater.
But earlier this year I found something that was able to coax me from my cocoon and stretch my comfort zone. Stand Up Paddleboard. (Known by insiders as SUP)

An activity that is best described as, somewhere between kayaking and surfing (neither of which I’ve ever done) SUP’s main requirement is being able to find balance. Which I have zero ability for…

Several years ago, I fell, and broke my wrist; while WALKING, at the mall. On. Level. Ground. So, SUP was not exactly going to play into my wheelhouse. Or so I thought. Maybe it was because I had the instructor all to myself, (she had mega-patience) or possibly because I was too scared to know better, that first day on the water, I stood up on the board…and paddled. I didn’t fall. Although I expected some comedic level of pratfalls, none happened. Crap, there would be no funny story coming from this. just a calm, enjoyable activity. So I paddled around on the waterway south of Seattle enjoying all the natural beauty of the morning.

After that, all I wanted to do was go SUP on any body of water imaginable. But I lacked the gear.

Which is where the fun begins. I went home SO pumped up on the experience that I wanted to get my very own wetsuit. The price of which can range from $125 to $300. For my first lesson, I had borrowed a friend’s suit, and that was not going to be something I could to regularly.

Although I don’t need “permission,” my husband and I are respectful of finances, and confer about certain non-essential expenditures.

The following conversation ensued:
Me: Oh! I love the SUP! It was beautiful, and felt great. Only…

Him: Only?

Me: I want to buy a wetsuit.

Him: No.

Me: How about as an early (5 months) birthday present?

Him: Um, no.

Me: Why not?

Him: Honey, I love that you are very excited about it, but you have to admit that when you get—shall we say, enthusiastic—that it often comes with spending beyond what we planned. I’d hate to see you lose interest…
( ‘again,’ was implied)

Me: Well, I can look into renting one *every* time I go out, but there’s something you need to understand…

Him: and that is?

Me: The suit I wore today is Barry’s. Basically, it’s easier when you are naked inside the suit…which means that I was naked in the same place with Barry’s naked being there before me…and even though he rinsed the suit when he last used it, and I rinsed it after I did too…

Him: What?

Me: Essentially, sharing a suit means that I’ve been naked and showered with Barry. Because he wore it before me. And renting one…? Really? I don’t wanna deal with all the other naked that’s out there…

Him: Where can we buy a new wetsuit?


Next time: we explore the delights of a wetsuit fitting room…

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