Making the words

I always know when it’s time to write. When it’s time to write:

  • I do the laundry -no time to write if clothes need to be folded
  • I clean the kitchen – no time to write if the dishes aren’t done and the counters are cluttered
  • I prepare glorious meals –no time to write if the family might resort to eating cold hot dogs
  • I organize anything and everything – you can’t write if there’s the least bit of discord in the paper clips
  • I sign up for that long delayed photography (or art, or quilting) class – creative activities facilitate the writing process
  • I get dressed up, put on makeup and do my hair – writers should always look their best
  • I read, categorize and reply to all my email – that’s just good etiquette
  • I spend hours on Facebook – it’s important to know all the current ‘likes’ and memes so the writing is up to the minute
  • I take a second (or even third) job – income stability is critical for writing.

It’s also the time that I reinvigorate myself to several projects in various stages of completion, because there’s no time to write if other things can be done first. But what I have come to realize is that the writing can’t and shouldn’t wait. I’ve been writing for over a decade, and in that time, I have attended (and even hosted) several writer’s conferences, emceed writing events, and have been published in print media and online too. My byline has appeared on front page features (above the fold), in humor columns, and in blog posts like this one. I have chronicled experiences of my life, my kids’ lives, and shared stories and thoughts of outrage and inspiration…and yes I’ve gotten paid (sometimes actual money) too.

This morning I got a much needed reminder (read: kick in the butt), that there are people still interested in what I have to say…and it’s time to get back to it. So here I sit, un-showered (thank heavens for industrial strength deodorant), messy kitchen, clothes in the dryer, and a snoring dog ‘neath my chair. ย What to write? Who knows? There will be times you can expect things to be: funny, serious, personal, or more general. Some posts will be profound, and likely some may seem pointless, but, at least they ‘will be.’

Regardless of it all, I’m not afraid.ย 

For those wondering, here’s the butt-kick that you can thank (or curse) for my newly motivated self:
“It is probably true that every person has a book in him fighting to get out. What is crucial is that if something is going to happen, the wannabe writer has to commit by putting all those hopes and dreams on the line. It’s time to stop talking about clever titles and get the book written.” โ€” Erma Bombeck

Although I would not consider myself a wannabe, but more a usedtobeen, the point is still valid. It’s time to park my butt in a chair and get a little something cranked out. Yep, it comes back to Erma. A great writer, and an inspiration. Someone taken too soon from us, who still motivates even 17+ years since her passing. No more waiting for me…

Let’s get this thing going…

Your thoughts?


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