Maybe “All You Need is Love” but some deserve so much more…

My columns have been rather sparse recently, and other than a tirade a while back about people stepping up and “Owning their sh*t,” I really have tried to keep a cork in the bottle of my opinion. My own personal take on opinions is this: They are like belly-buttons…we all have them, but there are some just a little too unsightly to be exposed.

Until now. I have had a wide range of experiences in my four-plus decades on the planet, but if I’ve learned anything worthwhile, it is this: Love is the most important thing. There is no “unless” to that statement, it stands on its own with a final period at the end.

I’m well aware that I’m about to: annoy, disappoint, irritate, offend and otherwise piss-off a few people with this column, but frankly I don’t concern myself with that. What I do concern myself with is treating people right…and to that end:

I believe in Marriage Equality. There. I said it. Call it what you want, and feel free to respectfully disagree with me. Because if you feel oppositely, I will respectfully disagree with you.  And I know full well, that many people will have stopped reading this by now, and again I’m not concerned about it.

It breaks down pretty simply. I don’t believe “Biblical” arguments from certain groups and organizations on the matter, because the same argument could be made to advocate slavery…  Oh wait it was!  Now we know better.  Not everyone agreed on the matter, but we, as a nation saw the ridiculousness of people “owning” each other.

When it comes to marriage, I’d MUCH RATHER give the right to two human beings of legal age to consent be allowed to marry and have it be recognized as a complete union.  Male or female, gay, straight, it doesn’t make a damn bit of difference to me. Love is love. Don’t hand me the load of crap asking if I believe whether or not a person should be allowed to marry their dog. Come on, get real, and knock it off. (Although, it should be said in the case of my second husband I’d have been better off marrying my dog. At least the dog respected me, and followed instructions)

And now the cat’s out of the bag. Yes, I’ve been married more than once. I have been given the right to make a crappy decision at least a couple of times, and managed to emerge from it wiser, stronger, and qualified to speak on the importance of the matter. Yes, there will be those of the gay community who may rush into a hasty union and therefore have to file for legal divorce. But with a current divorce rate of nearly (or is it now just above?) 50%, my money is on the gay couple to actually lower  that percentage.

Of the gay and lesbian couples that I know, the vast majority of them are in committed, monogamous relationships. And what, you may ask, does it matter that they have the legal paperwork? To them, it does. It means: gone are the days of having to pose as relatives to one another just to be granted access in the hospital as “family.” It means: they are just as entitled to the legal protection of the relationship that mixed race couples eventually won in 1967 in  Loving v. Virginia. It means: when we broke the barriers of the definition of  “family” by having our country acknowledge that supportive, single parents can be more beneficial to a child than the standard nuclear family full of dysfunction, then we began to open this door.

If Kim Kardashian can spend $10M on a wedding for a marriage that didn’t make it 3 months (not her first marriage either, btw) and Newt Gingrich can have infidelity in at least two of his marriages, all the while retaining their ability to continue to marry again; who the hell has the right to tell any of age couple that they are; by definition of their sexual orientation, unqualified for legal union?!?

Please. Just please.  Hypocrites be gone!

And why do I care if  Larry & Peter,  Jim & Darold, Gwen & Jo, or Cheryl & Nancy become legally espoused?  Because I know them, I love them, and I care about their respective happiness’.  It’s time.  It’s past time. I know it, and  you know it, too.

My final statement on the matter came from the Facebook page of George Takei: “Claiming that someone else’s marriage is against your religion is like being angry at someone for eating a doughnut because you’re on a diet.”

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